In Székesfehérvár, along the M7 Highway and the Thoroughfare #63, in the vicinity of the Sóstó Industrial Park, we have created the riding centre and the horse riders' club needed for long in the city and its environs. Our goal has been to establish in Székesfehérvár an equestrian centre situated about half-way between Budapest, and Lake Balaton, thereby creating all the factual and technical conditions of the competitions on the one hand, and providing an oppurtunity for horse-owners and riders on the other hand, just spend some time with our pets.

We are here on the ranch to welcome professional competitors and amateur riders alike, providing the following conditions:
- 60 units of 3x4,5 meter boxes
- 60x32 meter outdoor arena (footing: sand)
- pace-trainer for six horses, in three types of pacing modes
- veterinary supervision
- closed hay- and straw-storage unit, silage bin for oat, with oat-cracker
-changing-rooms, shower-rooms, restrooms of high standard
- for each rider, private saddle- and harness-storage space that can be locked
- club meeting-room to relax in a cultural way (TV, video, newspapers, refreshments, cold beers, wines of quality, snacks, coffee, cappuccino, etc.)

We undertake to:
- keep horses in pens, usage of pace-trainer and roof-covered manage
- break a horse to the rein
- rider training for private persons and schools
- cross-country riding
- trained horse riding.
Our goal is to participate, with our new establishment, actively in the riders' life of our country. To achieve this, we have competitions all year round in indoor and outdoor for amateur and professional competitors. In the near future we would like to expand our range of provisions by offering additional capacity, including a tennis-court, a swimming-pool, an anglers' lake, just to add more opportunities for our club-members. May we venture into a pleasure ride or a hunters' coach-ride in the countryside, there are some mansions, castles, fish-ponds and other sights to make our menagerie still more wonderful, enhancing the experience of it all.

Our address : Hungary
- 8000 Székesfehérvár, Tobak. u 10.
Post: H-8007 Székesfehérvár, Pf. 29.

Phone/fax : +36 22/500-918
GSM +36 20/9249-827

E-mail :